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SubjectRe: Do not misuse Coverity please (Was: sound/oss/cs46xx.c: fix a check after use)
On Mar 29, 2005, at 09:22, Daniel Jacobowitz wrote:
> The thing GCC is most likely to do with this code is discard the NULL
> check entirely and leave only the oops; the "if (!card)" can not be
> reached without passing through "card->amplifier", and a pointer which
> is dereferenced can not be NULL in a valid program.

Not true! It is perfectly legal on a large number of platforms to
explicitly mmap something at the address 0, at which point dereferencing
a null pointer is exactly like dereferencing any other pointer on the
heap. Doing so is not recommended except in a few special cases for
emulators and such, but it works to some extent.

Kyle Moffett

Version: 3.12
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