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SubjectRe: INITRAMFS: junk in compressed archive
> Kernel + compressed initramfs + uncompressed initramfs must fit in memory at
> the same time.

But that could not be the problem:

initramfs packed: 6,4 MByte
unpacked: 14,7 MByte
kernel unpacked: 2,2 MByte
23,3 MByte

128 MByte RAM on the PC (?) - the kernel tells that the RAM is

An other interesting thing is that the "checking if image is
initramfs... it isn't (junk in compressed archive)" message disappeared
after using smaller initramfs (using the same method to compress
the .cpio.gz file!).

Maybe my boot procedure is a problem(?):
I've to remote-boot DOS via RPL, load Novell Client for DOS, copy Linux
+ initramfs to ramdisk and call loadlin (version 1.6c) to start Linux.

Could there something remain in memory? The size of memory available to
the PC should still be enough to hold both systems and also the DOS -
Ramdisk in memory.

Other Question: is (could) DOS-Ramdisk (be) available to Kernel? Maybe
as MTD?


Bernhard Schauer

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