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SubjectRe: [PATCH] s390: claw network device driver
Martin Schwidefsky wrote:
> Hi Jeff,
>>>Was cc'ed to linux-net last Thursday, but it looks like the messages was
>>>too large and the vger server munched it.
>>As mentioned in the email, you want netdev, not linux-net...
> we are currently thinking about changing the sign-off chain for the s390
> network patches. Dave suggested that they should go through your hands.
> If that is ok with you the new sign-off chain would be Frank Pavlic,
> Jeff Garzik, Bitkeeper. This would solve two problems:
> 1) Frank would create the patches and since he knows much more about
> linux networking then I do, hopefully the patches and the descriptions
> will improve (and you can probably teach him to send the patches to
> netdev instead of linux-net).
> 2) The patches won't just slip in anymore but get a real review.

That's OK with me. As an example, on the MIPS side of things, Ralf
sends most MIPS stuff straight to Linus, but I queue all his
drivers/net/* patches into my queue, and that gets submitted separately
(though just as rapidly) upstream with other net driver changes.

I certainly do recognize that qeth, in particular, is a network driver
unlike all others in the kernel ;-)


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