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SubjectRe: memcpy(a,b,CONST) is not inlined by gcc 3.4.1 in Linux kernel
Denis Vlasenko wrote:

> Disassembly of section .text:

> e: e8 fc ff ff ff call f <f3+0xf>
> f: R_386_PC32 memcpy

> #define memcpy(t, f, n) \
> (__builtin_constant_p(n) ? \
> __constant_memcpy((t),(f),(n)) : \
> __memcpy((t),(f),(n)))

given this #define, how can 'memcpy' appear in the object file? It appears
that something odd is happening with preprocessing. Check the .i files are
as you expect. -dD and -E options will be helpful to you.


Nathan Sidwell :: :: CodeSourcery LLC ::

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