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SubjectRe: Quotaoff -> crash

>When running the quotaoff utility, it suddenly segfaulted and my /home was 'dead'.
>I also noticed that the load of my box was rising very high. After a few minutes
>the whole server was 'dead'.
>If anyone has seen the same problem or has any idea howto solve this problem,
>or howto get more debugging information, please let me know.

I had a similar problem once... upon quotaoff syscall, the system hung in a
spinlock or something. I dug deep into the assembly code (using kdb), found
out it hung, but the source code said it should not, so I recompiled all from
fresh and it was gone. :-/

Since you are getting a SIGSEGV (not SIGKILL?) at least, you should be able
to hook gdb on it, and grep the EIP. This is of course will only be the
userspace EIP, but it may show where it's happening (I guess it will be the
quota syscall nevertheless).

Jan Engelhardt
No TOFU for me, please.
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