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SubjectQuotaoff -> crash
Hi list,

I have a Dell Poweredge 1600SC with kernel 2.6.11 running and using the ext3
FS + quota v2.

After a while the quota system was running out of sync. This shouldn't be a
problem, so I decided to turn off quota for a while and rescan my files...

When running the quotaoff utility, it suddenly segfaulted and my /home was 'dead'.
I also noticed that the load of my box was rising very high. After a few minutes
the whole server was 'dead'.

This is already the second time it occures, with a 2.6.7 kernel and with a
2.6.11 one. I have no clue if it has something to do with the SMP stuff.

Also, I didn't manage to get an crash/oops/whatever log, sorry.

If anyone has seen the same problem or has any idea howto solve this problem,
or howto get more debugging information, please let me know.

- Jan [having a dead box:]

Smets Jan

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