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SubjectRe: [patch 03/12] uml: export getgid for hostfs

On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 03:02:28AM +0100, Blaisorblade wrote:
> In this moment I need to clean up the missing symbol. If anyone wants to
> remove the code using this, then he might post a patch explictly removing it,
> and getting it refused probably.
> Or at least CC uml-devel when discussing those problems. I'm not currently
> able to find on the mail you talk about. Can you please
> provide the URL to the discussion? (even on any other archive you like,
> obviously).

My unaswered reply to the first submission is at,0c05294c599b22b1,eab26a4ed3f8ff17?thread_id=16c905c7e28e7498&mode=thread&noheader=1&q=uml-export-getgid-for-hostfs#doc_eab26a4ed3f8ff17

(sorry, couldn't find it on marc), it's been Cc'ed to the lists you sent
the patch to.

> That said, there are people still using that code, so it should be kept in.

But the code is totally bogus, so it should _not_ be kept.

> Also, you blocked an important patch (the one adding ->release to
> hw_interrupt_type) saying that *perhaps* UML should avoid having any hard
> irq, a la S390. You forced so the merge of a very ugly patch manually calling
> what should have been UML's release method (i.e. free_irq_by_irq_and_dev) in
> every place calling free_irq() (and in fact one was missed at first). Might
> you reconsider your position on that issue ? (URL of the discussion below)
> The patch adding the generic handling is this one:

I still think it's a really bad idea. But I'm not the irq code maintainer,
it could very well be Ingo overrides me.
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