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SubjectRe: sched_setscheduler() and usage issues ....please help
On Tue, 2005-03-29 at 08:03 +0200, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> >> > I am trying to set the SCHED_FIFO policy for my process.I am using
> >> > sched_setscheduler() function to do this.
> >>
> >> Attached is a little program that I use to set the priority of tasks.
> >
> >Why not just use chrt from schedtools?
> Not every distro has it yet, and I like to point out that a lot of users is
> still using "older" distros, such as FC2, SUSE 9.1, and also olders with Linux
> 2.4 kernels.

OK, I'm a little embarrassed. I never saw this tool. I use debian
unstable, but didn't have the package loaded. I did a apropos on
sched_setscheduler, and it didn't come up with any tools, so I just
wrote my own!


-- Steve

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