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SubjectRe: Squashfs without ./..

>>[...] . and .. do not need to show up (even they have been the
>>"leaders" of ls -l ;-), Midnight Commander (`mc`) for example synthesizes ".."
>>So - what about removing . and .. in readdir for all "standard harddisk
>>filesystems" (ext*,reiser*, [jx]fs)? I mean, one party always has to loose...~v

H. Peter Anvin wrote:
>Are you seriously suggesting changing our behaviour of all the
>conventional filesystems to a non-Unix behaviour, to match cramfs and

Only one can be right - either with ./.. or without it. And the one[s] who
is/are wrong should be fixed. Take it as a cosmetical issue, though.

Adam J. Richter wrote:
> Eliminating the "." and ".." emulation in many individual
>file systems would probably eliminate a moderate amount of code
>from libfs/fs.c, a number of other virtual file systems and probably
>every physical file system that does not actually store "." and "..".
>It is very appealing to me.

As a side note, I am only discussing about ./.. for readdir; removing it from
the entire VFS would probably break things like /etc/mail/../../lib/
_in_ the kernel.

> The first way would be to change the kernel so that the
>underlying readdir system call does not return "." or "..", but
>have the C library do the emulation. The C library can maintain
>the state information for this purpose easily because opendir()
>returns a pointer to an opaque structure that the C library

Sounds "good", because ./.. could always be made the first two entries, and
people could optimize <shrug>. That brings up the point if - despite all sus
specs - we really need . and ...

The explorer.exe in the Neighbor OS also does not show . and ..;
and I doubt any app is using it in FindFile{First,} (open-/readdir),
maybe only for dentry lookup.

>but having an
>interface that the client file systems could easily accomodate might
>take some care (for example, accomodating their locking schemes while
>keeping the interface simple enough so that the client file system
>drivers are still made smaller by using it).

Also a nice idea.

Jan Engelhardt
No TOFU for me, please.
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