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    SubjectCan't use SYSFS for "Proprietry" driver modules !!!.

    I am writing a "Proprietry" driver module for a "Proprietry" PCI card and
    I have found that I can't use SYSFS on Linux-2.6.10.

    Why ?.

    I am not modifing the Kernel/SYSFS code so I should be able, to use all
    the SYSFS/internal kernel function calls without hinderence.

    In order to be able to use SYSFS to debug the driver during development
    the way I would like to be able to do, I will have to temporally change
    the module licence line to "GPL". When the development is finnished I will
    then need to remove all the code that accesses the SYSFS stuf in the
    Kernel and change the module back to a "Proprietry" licence in order to
    comply with other requirements. This will then hinder any debugging if
    future issues arise.

    I believe that this sort of idiocy is what helps Microsoft hold on to its
    manopoly and as shuch hinders hardware/software development in all areas
    and should be chanaged in a way that promotes diversified software

    Mark Fortescue.

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