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    SubjectRe: swsusp 'disk' fails in bk-current - intel_agp at fault?
    Andy Isaacson wrote:
    > On Thu, Mar 24, 2005 at 03:27:15PM +0100, Stefan Seyfried wrote:

    > Sysrq still prints stuff, so IRQs aren't locked. But most of the sysrq
    > commands don't work... S and U don't seem to do anything (not too
    > suprising I suppose) but B does reboot.

    sysrq-t will probably show a stuck kseriod. Unfortunately it only
    happens on one machine for me (toshiba P10-550 IIRC, P4HT but with
    non-smp kernel) which has no serial port for console.

    >> If sysrq is still working, please try with "i8042.noaux" (this will kill
    >> your touchpad, which is what i intend :-)
    > So I added i8042.noaux to my kernel command line, rebooted, insmodded
    > intel_agp, started X, and verified no touchpad action. Then I
    > suspended, and it worked fine. After restart, I suspended again - also
    > fine.
    > So I think that fixed it. But no touchpad is a bit annoying. :)

    Yes, it was not thought as a fix but just for verification, since i have
    seen something similar.
    We have a SUSE bug for this, i believe Vojtech and Pavel will take care
    of this one. Thanks for confirming, i almost started to believe i was
    seeing ghosts :-)
    Never trust a computer you can't lift.
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