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SubjectRe: read() on relayfs channel returns premature 0
On Wed, Mar 23, 2005 at 09:29:12AM -0600, Tom Zanussi wrote:
> writes:
> >
> > Now I understand that this is not the latest release of relayfs (there
> > are the redux patches, which I have yet to try). Nonetheless I'd like
> > to know whether this behaviour is deliberate. Is it?
> Nope, looks like you've found a bug - thanks for the patch. Any
> chance you can send me your module so I can easily reproduce the
> problem and test the fix?
> Thanks,
> Tom


Yes, well a cut down version of the kernel module anyway. Its in the
attached tar ball. The kernel module requires pagg as well as relayfs
to work. Basically the module tracks kernel events - in this case
process execs.

I've tested it on 2.6.10 with the pagg and relayfs patches from


read() gives me a zero still once about a page of data has been read.

Many thanks,
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