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    SubjectRe: help needed pls. scheduler(kernel 2.6) + hyperthreaded related questions?
    If the SMT (apart from SMP) support is enabled in the  .config file, does 
    the kernel recogonize the 2 logical processor as 2 logical or 2 physical

    Also, as the hyperthreaded processor may schedule 2 threads in the 2 logical
    cpu's, and it may not necessarily be form the same process i.e., the 2
    thread it schedules may be from the same or from the different process.

    So, is there any way I can tell the scheduler (assuming I make the scheduler
    recogonize my 2 threads..i.e., it knows their pid) to schedule always my 2
    threads @ the same time? How do I go abt it?

    Pls. help.Thanks in Advance.

    >From: Nick Piggin <>
    >To: Arun Srinivas <>
    >Subject: Re: help needed pls. scheduler(kernel 2.6) + hyperthreaded related
    >Date: Wed, 23 Mar 2005 10:16:20 +1100
    >Arun Srinivas wrote:
    >>Pls. help me. I went through the sched.c for kernel 2.6 and saw that it
    >>hyperthreading.I would be glad if someone could answer this
    >>am not wrong a HT processor has 2 architectural states and one execution
    >>unit...i.e., two pipeline streams)
    >>1)when there are 2 processes a parent and child(created by fork()) do they
    >>get scheduled @ the same, when the parent process is put into
    >>pipeline, do the child also gets scheduled the same time?
    >>2) what abt in the case of threads(I read tht as opposed to
    >>threads are treated as processes) ..kernel 2.6 treats threads as threads.
    >>So, when two paired threads get into execution are they always scheduled
    >>the same time?
    >>Also, it would be helpful if someone could suggest which part of sched.c
    >>shud i look into to find out how threads are scheduled for a normal
    >>processor and for a hyperthreaded processor
    >It is pretty tricky. Basically processes on different CPUs are
    >scheduled completely independently of one another. The only time
    >when they may get moved from one CPU to another is with
    >load_balance, load_balance_newidle, active_load_balance,
    >try_to_wake_up, sched_exec, wake_up_new_task.

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