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SubjectRe: [PATCH] Add TPM hardware enablement driver
Kylene Hall wrote:
>>what is the purpose of this pci_dev_get/put? attempting to prevent hotplug or
> Seems that since there is a refernce to the device in the chip structure
> and I am making the file private data pointer point to that chip structure
> this is another reference that must be accounted for. If you remove it
> with it open and attempt read or write bad things will happen. This isn't
> really hotpluggable either as the TPM is on the motherboard.

My point was that there will always be a reference -anyway-, AFAICS.
There is a pci_dev reference assigned to the pci_driver when the PCI
driver is loaded, and all uses by the TPM generic code of this pointer
are -inside- the pci_driver's pci_dev object lifetime.

>>>+ /* cannot perform a write until the read has cleared
>>>+ either via tpm_read or a user_read_timer timeout */
>>>+ while (atomic_read(&chip->data_pending) != 0) {
>>>+ set_current_state(TASK_UNINTERRUPTIBLE);
>>>+ schedule_timeout(TPM_TIMEOUT);
>>use msleep()
> addressed in another patch by Nish
>>>+ /* atomic tpm command send and result receive */
>>>+ out_size = tpm_transmit(chip, chip->data_buffer, TPM_BUFSIZE);
>>major bug? in_size may be smaller than TPM_BUFSIZE
> chip->data_buffer is allocated in open and is always this size. The
> operation needs to be atomic so the big buffer is to cover the size of a
> potentially larger result. Only reading in_size from the user with
> copy_from_user

You output -more- data than you have input.

AFAICS that's a security bug (data leak), unless you memset the data
area beforehand.


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