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Subjecthelp needed pls. scheduler(kernel 2.6) + hyperthreaded related questions?
Pls. help me.  I went through the sched.c for kernel 2.6 and saw that it 
hyperthreading.I would be glad if someone could answer this question....(if
am not wrong a HT processor has 2 architectural states and one execution
unit...i.e., two pipeline streams)

1)when there are 2 processes a parent and child(created by fork()) do they
get scheduled @ the same, when the parent process is put into one
pipeline, do the child also gets scheduled the same time?

2) what abt in the case of threads(I read tht as opposed to kernel2.4,where
threads are treated as processes) ..kernel 2.6 treats threads as threads.
So, when two paired threads get into execution are they always scheduled at
the same time?

Also, it would be helpful if someone could suggest which part of sched.c
shud i look into to find out how threads are scheduled for a normal
processor and for a hyperthreaded processor

Pls. CC your replies to this email address


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