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SubjectRe: [PATCH][0/6] cifs: readdir.c cleanup
On Tue, 22 Mar 2005, Steve French wrote:

> Jesper Juhl wrote:
> > Hi Steve,
> >
> > Here's one more cleanup for a file in fs/cifs - readdir.c (i'm going to
> > follow the order you told me you'd prefer first, then do the remaining files
> > in arbitrary order).
> > I'm going to send the patches inline to make it easy for others to comment
> > if they so choose, but since you had problems with inline patches from me
> > last time I've also placed them online for you :
> >
> >
> The first looks fine. I am part way through reviewing the second, and so far
> only found one change (see following) that I question. I prefer to keep the
> local variables together without a blank line between them. Is there a global
> Linux style compliance issue here? By the way, it is not common to use
> typedefs but you will see a few in this function since the network protocol
> specification describes the format of the wire protocol using them and it
> makes the structure names match the standard.
> static char *nxt_dir_entry(char *old_entry, char *end_of_smb)
> {
> - char * new_entry;
> + char *new_entry;
> +
Actually, this is me goofing up. I did intend for all local variables to
be grouped without a single blank line between them - just one blank line
*after* the variable block - don't know how this bit snuck in. Thank you
for catching that.

> I will apply at least a few of them, but I am busy doing a high priority fix
> to handle split transact2 responses (which could cause an oops in ls to some
> servers so is high priority - although it only occurs on large directories,
> and if the server decides to send two transact responses for one request
> (which is not that common) and a search entry is split in certain ways across
> two SMB responses).
I'm fully aware that these patches are low-priority. I don't expect them
to get anything but "at my convenience" treatment from you.
And should you miss some of them (I'll be sending you quite a few over the
next few days I expect) I'll just queue them locally and resend at some
later date (post next Linus release or so), so don't feel pressured to
look at these if you don't have the time.


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