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SubjectRe: dst cache overflow
On Tue, Mar 22, 2005 at 10:39:43AM +0200, wrote:
> computer's main job is to be router on small LAN with 10 users and some
> services like qmail, apache, proftpd, shoutcast, squid, and ices on slack
> 10.1. Iptables and tc are used to limit bandwiwdth and the two bandwidthd
> daemons are running on eth0 interface and all the time the cpu is used at
> about 0.4% and additional 12% by ices when encoding mp3 on demand, and
> the proccess ksoftirqd/0 randomally starts to use 100% of 0 cpu in normal
> situation and one time when the ksoftirqd/0 became crazy i noticed dst
> cache overflow messages in syslog but there are more of thies lines in
> logs about 5 times in 10 days period

There was a problem fixed in the handling of fragments which caused dst
cache overflow in the 2.6.11-rc series. Are you still seeing dst cache
overflow on 2.6.11?

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