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SubjectRe: 2.6.1[01] freeze on x86_64
Jan Engelhardt wrote:

>>Er... by serial console, I assume you mean via a serial cable and some other
>>device. If so, then no, I don't have that capability. I didn't know about
>>netconsole before you mentioned it; I'll do some research and set it up. I do
>Serial console -- only requires a serial cable, available in the next computer
>store -- also works with non-Linux, non-x86 and (mostly) systems-w/o-compiler.
Well, that and the knowledge of how to monitor it on the other end,
which I lack :-). And does one need a null-modem cable? I haven't used
serial cables since USB was introduced. Is serial monitoring preferred
over netconsole?

In any case, I've figured out how to get netconsole working, and have
started monitoring it from my wife's laptop. I just need to reboot and
make sure it is working (that I got the UDP addresses right), and then
wait for a crash. I won't get to this until this evening, probably.

Mark, I'm going to start CC'ing you, and I'll forward you the previous

Thanks, everybody, for responding.

--- SER
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