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SubjectRe: 2.6.1[01] freeze on x86_64
On 22 Mar 2005, Jan Engelhardt wrote:
> >> > acpi_thermal-0400 [23] acpi_thermal_get_trip_: Invalid active
> >> > threshold [0]
> >>
> >> You mean you got this in /var/log/messages?
> >
> > Yes, in /var/log/messages. The lock up occurs without warning, so the only
> > opportunity I have to look for error messages is in the syslogs.
> >
> >> Can you connect a serial console or netconsole and see if that
> >>
> > Er... by serial console, I assume you mean via a serial cable and some other
> > device. If so, then no, I don't have that capability. I didn't know about
> > netconsole before you mentioned it; I'll do some research and set it up. I do
> > have a second computer (well, my wife's laptop is also running Linux) that I
> > could use to monitor UDP traffic, if I can figure out what to use as a client
> > to capture the messages. This may take me a couple of days.
> Serial console -- only requires a serial cable, available in the next computer
> store -- also works with non-Linux, non-x86 and (mostly) systems-w/o-compiler.
> Jan Engelhardt

I've actually got old dumb terminals sitting around.
I'll hook one up and set the oops=panic option also. Maybe we
can nail this down as I've pretty much avoided using my x86-64
desktop ever since. I'd been torn trying to decide whether or
not to migrate to a different file system.

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