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SubjectRe: 2.6.11: suspending laptop makes system randomly unstable
Andrew Morton wrote:

>Miguelanxo Otero Salgueiro <> wrote:
>>I just compiled 2.6.11 from a 2.6.10 configuration for a desktop machine
>>(with kernel preemption activated).
>>Doing a make oldconfig bring some new options. I selected the default
>>value (for my system) for them, so I keep configuring "make great kernel
>>lock preemtive" to true (complete kernel configuration follows).
>>Apart from the ALPS touchpad thing (see "2.6.11: touchpad
>>unresponsive"), the new kernel keeps:
>> - Setting randomly "last battery full charge" to a huge value
>>(example: 400 Ah when max battery capacity is 38 Ah) so I get random
>>charging/discharging timing patterns
>> - Locking "softly" the system: for example, preventing new proceses
>>from spawning. For example, if I suspend the laptop while in Xwindows,
>>resuming will keep X but new proceses can't be started. Changing to a
>>virtual console doesn't get past the login step, as a new shell can't be
>> - Disabling/enabling double-clicks in the synaptic touchpad. Randomly.
>>All of these symthoms are more or less randomly. As far as I can tell,
>>everything is ok before suspending but does Random Nasty Things(tm)
>>after coming out from suspension.
>>Well, at least system clock works better than in 2.6.10.
>>I will try to deactivate the main kernel lock thingie and see if that helps.
>You appear to have about five bugs here. Do any of them remain in
Well, one thing outstands: the synaptic touchpad is now really
comfortable to use. Almost everything works, including simple and double
clicks, and scrolling. Dragging is still broken. I must note I'm now
using a synaptic Xinput driver, as suggested.

The system seems much more stable in regard to suspension/resuming. The
USB subsystem has kept working the first time I suspended and everything
came back perfect. The second one in a row, the USB subsystem was
halted, but doing a "modprobe -r uhci_hcd; modprobe uhci_hcd" made my
USB periferals (keyboard and mouse) work again.

As for the battery charging pattern, I can't say anything definitive,
but it looks good ATM.

No more "Ramdom Nasty Things(tm)", the clock works ok and there are no
issues with proccess spawning.

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