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    SubjectRe: Status of SATA support
    Jeff Garzik wrote:
    > Andre Tomt wrote:
    >> Jeff Garzik wrote:
    >>> Carlos Fernandez Sanz wrote:
    >>>> Since this document is a bit our of date:
    >>> What's out-of-date about that URL?
    >>> Jeff
    >> A update on the Marvell status? :-P
    > No Marvell status change, so no need to update...

    My main point is that if its listed as "in progress", other parties that
    are interrested in developing a driver would most likely think it is on
    the way and thus just wait it out instead. We both know it has stalled ;-)

    >> Anyway, is there any of the current work on Marvell available
    >> somewhere, so that someone could possibly pick up on it?
    > It's mainly a skeleton that I would rather not release. Someone with
    > docs (and you need docs) could re-create it in ten seconds.

    Whats missing? Manpower? Hardware?

    Are anyone planning AHCI based PCI-X/PCI-E boards? :-)
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