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SubjectRe: [PATCH][2/2] SquashFS

> >>>Also, this filesystem seems to do the same thing as cramfs. We'd need to
> >>>understand in some detail what advantages squashfs has over cramfs to
> >>>justify merging it. Again, that is something which is appropriate to the
> >>>changelog for patch 1/1.
> >>
> >>Well, probably Phillip can answer this better than me, but the main
> >>differences that affect end users (and that is why we are using SquashFS
> >>right now) are:
> >> CRAMFS SquashFS
> >>
> >>Max File Size 16Mb 4Gb
> >>Max Filesystem Size 256Mb 4Gb?
> >
> >
> >So we are replacing severely-limited cramfs with also-limited
> >squashfs...
> I think that's rather unfair, Squashfs is significantly better than
> cramfs. The main aim of Squashfs has been to achieve the best

Yes, it *is* rather unfair. Sorry about that. But having 2 different
limited compressed filesystems in kernel does not seem good to me.

> compression (using zlib of course) of any filesystem under Linux - which
> it does, while also being the fastest. Moving beyond the 4Gb limit has
> been a goal, but it has been a secondary goal. For most applications
> 4Gb compressed (this equates to 8Gb or more of uncompressed data in most
> usual cases) is ok.

Okay, having limit on 4GB compressed is slightly better (and should
mean that SquashFS would actually be usefull to me).

> >For live DVDs etc 4Gb filesystem size limit will hurt for
> >sure, and 4Gb file size limit will hurt, too. Can those be fixed?
> Almost everything can be fixed given enough time and money.
> Unfortunately for Squashfs, I don't have much of either. I'm not paid
> to work on Squashfs and so it has to be done in my free time. I'm hoping
> to get greater than 4Gb support this year, it all depends on how much
> free time I get.

Well, out-of-tree maintainenance takes lot of time, too, so by keeping
limited code out-of-kernel we provide quite good incentive to make
those limits go away.

Perhaps squashfs is good enough improvement over cramfs... But I'd
like those 4Gb limits to go away.
People were complaining that M$ turns users into beta-testers...
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