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SubjectRe: Kernel release numbering
Linus Torvalds:
> Namely that we could adopt the even/odd numbering scheme that we used
> to do on a minor number basis, and instead of dropping it entirely like
> we did, we could have just moved it to the release number, as an
> indication
> of what was the intent of the release.

How about taking the idea a bit further and have two active versions. Eg:
now 2.6.11 is out, new changes go into a 2.6.13 series. Any changes to make
2.6.11 (more :) stable go into a 2.6.12 series which is
stability/security/whatever improvements rather than devel work.

This way you can shorten the length of the time the odd series spends in -rc
and can spend more time accepting patches rather than having long periods
where developers queue them. Distributors are encouraged to use the even
numbers including the even -rc versions and to give feedback as to what
stability/whatever patches need adding to the even series to keep them

Just an idea...



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