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    SubjectRe: Suspend-to-disk woes

    > Hello, I experienced a pretty nasty problem a couple of days back:
    > I ran 2.6.11-ck1 and built 2.6.11-ck2. The last thing I did before
    > booting the new kernel was to suspend-to-disk the old kernel
    > (something I usually do as I'm working on this laptop).
    > I ran the new kernel a couple of days and decided to boot the old
    > kernel to do some performance tests. Imagine my dread as the old
    > kernel instead of detecting that the system has booted another kernel
    > just reloads the old suspend-to-disk image. The result is that after
    > succesfully resuming, my harddrive goes bonkers and starts to work.
    > After a couple of minutes the whole kernel hangs. I reboot and try to
    > boot the -ck2 kernel again only to find that the system complains as
    > it finds missing nodes. The reisertools try to rebuild the system
    > unsucessully. The --rebuild-tree parameter worked but a lot of files
    > were still missing. In the end I had to reinstall the whole system as
    > it went so unstable.
    > My question is: Why isn't there a check before resuming a
    > suspend-to-disk image if the system has booted another kernel since
    > the suspend to prevent this kind of hassle?

    Checking that would be hard, but you might want to provide patch to check
    last-mounted dates of filesystems and panic if they changed.
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