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SubjectRe: Devices/Partitions over 2TB

On Tue, 2005-03-15 at 04:54, jmerkey wrote:

> Good Question. Where are the standard tools in FC2 and FC3 for these types?

For LVM, the lvm2 package contains all the necessary tools. I know
Alasdair did some kernel fixes for lvm2 striping on >2TB partitions
recently, though, so older kernels might not work perfectly if you're
using stripes.

To use genuine partitions > 2TB, though, you need alternative
partitioning; the GPT disk label supports that, and "parted" can create
and partition such disk labels. (Note that most x86 BIOSes can't boot
off them, though, so don't do this on your boot disk!)


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