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SubjectRe: qla2xxx fail over support
At 07:43 AM 16/03/2005, comsatcat wrote:
>Unfortunantly all the beta drivers seem to have issues working with
>mcdata switches. I've tried about 10 different versions available from
>qlogic's ftp and all of them give trace messages and "scheduling while
>atomic" messages when detecting luns that are going through the mcdata
>switch. any suggestions would be appreciated (along with whom to
>contact at qlogic regarding beta driver development).

use a Cisco MDS FC switch and all your problems will go away. :-)
just kidding ... the errors you're seeing will likely happen regardless of
what brand FC switch you have .. LUN Discovery and/or FC NS queries are
likely the same regardless of FC switch.

what you're seeing is essentially a bug in the qlogic driver - and likely
why it was listed as being "beta".

if you're after multipathing support, rather than doing it in the FC
driver, may i suggest that you instead look at using Christophe Varoqui's
excellent multipath-tools (see which i have
used successfully here across a range of midrange & enterprise storage arrays


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