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SubjectRe: re-inline sched functions
Andrew Morton wrote:

>"Chen, Kenneth W" <> wrote:
>>This could be part of the unknown 2% performance regression with
>>db transaction processing benchmark.
>>The four functions in the following patch use to be inline. They
>>are un-inlined since 2.6.7.
>>We measured that by re-inline them back on 2.6.9, it improves performance
>>for db transaction processing benchmark, +0.2% (on real hardware :-)

Can you also inline requeue_task? No performance gain expected, but
it is just a simple wrapper around a list function.

>>The cost is certainly larger kernel size, cost 928 bytes on x86, and
>>2728 bytes on ia64. But certainly worth the money for enterprise
>>customer since they improve performance on enterprise workload.
>Less that 1k on x86 versus >2k on ia64. No wonder those things have such
>big caches ;)
>>Possible we can introduce them back?
>OK by me.

What happens if you leave task_timeslice out of line? It isn't exactly
huge, but it is called from a handful of places.

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