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SubjectRe: [patch, 2.6.11-rc2] sched: RLIMIT_RT_CPU_RATIO feature
Peter Williams <> writes:

> Paul Davis wrote:
>> There are several kernel-side attributes that would make JACK better
>> from my perspective:
>> * better ways to acquire and release RT scheduling
> I'm no expert on the topic but it would seem to me that the mechanisms
> associated with the capable() function are intended to provide a
> consistent and extensible interface to the control of privileged
> operations with possible finer grained control than "root 'yes' and
> everybody else 'no'". Maybe the way to solve this problem is to
> modify the interpretation of capable(CAP_SYS_NICE) so that it returns
> true when invoked by a task setuid to a nominated uid in addition to
> zero?

That is essentially what the RT-LSM does. At exec() time RT-LSM turns
on CAP_SYS_NICE for appropriate process images.

In the current implementation this is only done per-group not
per-user. Adding UID as well as GID granularity should be easy. We
didn't do it because we didn't really need it. If there's a use for
it, I have no objection to adding it. It could even compatibly be
added later.

Many distributions require users to join group `audio' anyway to gain
access to the sound card. We found it convenient to piggy-back on
that mechanism.

I believe Paul considers this adequate for his requirements. :-)
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