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SubjectRe: [RFC] Linux Kernel Subversion Howto
On Wed, Feb 02, 2005 at 07:34:59PM -0800, Larry McVoy wrote:

> (Thanks for the forward, Peter, I would have missed this).

Sorry, I should have cc'ed you directly but I thought you would
never miss a subject containing $(random scm tool) :)

> As Peter said, we do exports from Linus' tree every 24 hours. I can
> think of two things that we could do which might be useful to the non BK
> users: export more frequently (pretty questionable in my mind but it's
> no big deal to bump it up to twice or whatever)

As Peter said, once every 6 hours is fine. Or even more often, what
the heck, as I said in a previous post I don't think an incremental
export is that much costly. It could be done at the same time as
the -bkX patches...

> and/or export other trees
> (far more interesting in my mind).

Why not if there is some interest. As far as I am concerned, I
have the impression that most kernel BK trees in are
just temporary trees 'Linus please pull from here' type. I don't
know if it's useful for somebody else to track those down.
> We're always looking for more ways to help you (or more properly said:
> more ways to be perceived as helping) so let us know what you would like.
> In Bk or out of it. Is BK/Web good enough? Need something? Let us
> know.

Speaking from the out-BK point of view, what would really be nice
is better granularity in the CVS export (a 1-1 changeset to CVS commit
mapping). I know this involves playing with CVS branches and could
be a bit tricky but should be doable.

Stelian Pop <>
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