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    SubjectRe: [Lse-tech] Re: A common layer for Accounting packages
    Chris Wright wrote:
    > * Jay Lan ( wrote:
    >>Andrew Morton wrote:
    >>>Kaigai Kohei <> wrote:
    >>>>In my understanding, what Andrew Morton said is "If target functionality
    >>>>implement in user space only, then we should not modify the kernel-tree".
    >>>fork, exec and exit upcalls sound pretty good to me. As long as
    >>>a) they use the same common machinery and
    >>>b) they are next-to-zero cost if something is listening on the netlink
    >>> socket but no accounting daemon is running.
    >>>Question is: is this sufficient for CSA?
    >>Yes, fork, exec, and exit upcalls are sufficient for CSA.
    > As soon as you want to throttle tasks at the Job level, this would be
    > insufficient. But, IIRC, that's not one of PAGG/Job/CSA's requirements
    > right?

    PAGG serves more than JOB+CSA.

    I am looking into possiblity/feasibility of implementing JOB at
    userspace. However, even with JOB as a kernel module, the fork,
    exec and exit upcalls would be sufficient to support JOB+CSA.

    - jay

    > thanks,
    > -chris

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