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SubjectRe: [patch ide-dev 3/9] merge LBA28 and LBA48 Host Protected Area support code
On Thursday 24 February 2005 17:10, Greg Freemyer wrote:
> I have generic question about HPA, not the patch.
> I have noticed with a SUSE 2.6.8 vendor kernel, the HPA behavior is
> not consistent.

Please retry with vanilla kernel.

> ie. With exactly the same computer/controller, but with different disk
> drives (models/manufacturers) the HPA behavior varies.
> In all my testing the HPA was always properly detected, but sometimes
> the max_address is set to the native_max_address during bootup and
> sometimes it is not.

Please be more precise.

What do you mean by 'sometimes'?

What are the exact differences between machines?

Are there any differences in software configurations
(i.e. kernel parameters) between this machines?

> Is there some reason for this behavior or is one case or the other a bug?

Dunno, not enough info.

> Does this patch somehow address the inconsistency?


> Am I right in assuming this behavior also exists in the vanilla
> kernels?. ie. I doubt that vendors are patching this behavior.

Recent vanilla kernels always set maximum available capacity.
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