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    SubjectRe: [PATCH/RFC] Futex mmap_sem deadlock
    Linus Torvalds <> wrote:

    > That is uglee.

    True. You could just wrap it up in inline functions and hide it in a header
    file as I suggested in the email I've just sent.

    > We really have this already, and it's called "current->preempt". It
    > handles any lock at all, and doesn't add yet another special case to all
    > the architectures.
    > Just do
    > repeat:

    Alternately, you could just have do_page_fault() do:

    while (!down_read_trylock(&current->mm->mmap_sem))

    However, note that this can suffer from starvation due to a never ending flow
    of mixed write-locks and read-locks on other CPUs. Unlikely, true, but not

    There is yet another way, now that I think about it... Another rwsem could be
    added to mm_struct, one that you have to get immediately before mmap_sem and
    release immediately after; one that page fault doesn't ever touch... but that
    isn't very pleasant either:-/

    A yet further way would be to make a second kind of rwsem; one that's
    unfair. But if you do that, a few threads that're swapping a lot, combined
    with a few tops could starve out another thread that's trying to do an mmap...

    Actually, there's an added benefit to your suggested method... It doesn't
    involve changing what's in task_struct or mm_struct and doesn't involve
    changing the semantics of the mmap_sem lock.

    > That's assuming we can't just make rwsem's nest nicely.

    rwsems themselves? No, not really. It'd either mean keeing track of which task
    holds what sort of lock on every rwsem (which'd be nice for debugging,
    granted; but not something you really want in a normal system), or it'd mean
    making rwsems unfair - something I think will be a really bad idea.

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