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SubjectRe: Help enabling PCI interrupts on Dell/SMP and Sun/SMP systems.
On Wed, 23 Feb 2005, Alan Kilian wrote:

call pci_enable_device(dev)
... before you use the IRQ in dev->irq.

The reported IRQ is bogus until you make that
call. It's a reported BUG, probably won't
ever get fixed because it's considered a

Also, make sure that your .config for the Dell looks
something like:

# CONFIG_PCI_GOBIOS is not set

> Folks,
> This group was instrumental in helping me get my first-ever
> linux/PCI-bus device driver working last year, and I'm back for
> some more help if you are willing.
> I have a PCI card that generates an interrupt when it completes
> a DMA transfer to the PCs RAM.
> This works just fine on a Dell 4400 running 2.6.10-1.766_FC3
> When I try to run the driver on a Dell 2300 FC2/2.6.5-1.358smp
> or a Sun W2100Z running FC2/2.6.10-1.14_FC2smp I can see the
> DMA-done bit set in the device, but my interrupt service routine
> never gets called.
> On the Sun, I booted with "noapic" option, and it booted OK,
> but then when my device generated an interrupt, there was a
> kernel message about Disabling IRQ #5 and the system was hung
> solidly.
> I think this has something to do with the different interrupt
> hardware on the more advanced servers compared to my desktop
> Dell 4400, and I somehow need to "enable" the IOAPIC system
> so that my interrupt gets through to my service routine, but I
> don't know how.
> I tried grepping through the kernel/drivers source, and I didn't
> find anything that jumped out at me.
> The Rubini drivers book didn't help in this area either,
> although it's a wonderful book in other areas.
> I can post source somewhere if it will help.
> I can also post the essential bits from /var/log/messages about
> all the incredibly complicated IOAPIC configuration stuff.
> Thank you for your past help, and thank you in advance for any
> tips you can provide.
> -Alan
> --
> - Alan Kilian <kilian(at)>

Dick Johnson
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