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SubjectRe: FAUmachine: Looking for a good documented DMA bus master capable PCI IDE Controller card
On Sat, 19 Feb 2005 14:26:07 +0100, Thomas Glanzmann
<> wrote:
> Hello Bartlomiej,
> > In IDE you have 2 devices per port and usually 2 ports per PCI device.
> > There are some controller cards with 4 ports but they don't have public
> > available documentation etc. I really wonder what are you trying to
> > achieve and why just can't you use more than 1 "virtual" PIIX crontoller.
> we implemented the PIIX controller as part of an Intel Southbridge
> 82371AB[1] Chip so I didn't thought that it was also available as
> seperate PCI Device. Do you have any pointers to products or better
> sepcification of this products?


> If this is the case that would be the best solution for our problem.

Hm, maybe you will have to implement some PCI add-on IDE controller,
AFAIR Silicon Image 680 datasheet is publicly available now.

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