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    SubjectRe: 2.6: drivers/input/power.c is never built

    On Sat, 2005-02-19 at 13:58, Dmitry Torokhov wrote:
    > On Friday 18 February 2005 18:31, Pavel Machek wrote:
    > > I believe power and suspend keys should definitely go through
    > > input. I'm not that sure about battery... Lid is somewhere in
    > > between...
    > I think we need a generic way of delivering system status changes to
    > userspace. Something like acpid but bigger than that, something not
    > so heavily oriented on ACPI. I wonder if that kernel connector patch
    > should be looked at.

    Absolutely. I've been thinking about this too, but haven't yet found the
    time to put it down on paper/email yet.

    I think we need a very generic system by which changes in anything
    remotely impacting on power management (kernelspace or userspace,
    including ACPI, UPS drivers, keyboard handlers, devices etc) can notify
    events to a userspace daemon. This daemon can act in accordance with
    user specified policies (changeable on the fly) to implement system
    level state changes (suspend to ram/disk, shutdown etc), run time power
    management (shutdown a USB hub that just signalled the removal of its
    last client), logging and so on. In some cases, it might set policy but
    not be actively informed of the details of the application of that
    policy (we don't feedback loops with a process leaving C3 to notify that
    it's entering C3!).

    This implies, of course, not just a generic way of notifying changes,
    but a generic way of implementing policy.

    Sound too ambitious, or am I thinking your thoughts after you?


    Nigel Cunningham
    Software Engineer, Canberra, Australia

    Ph: +61 (2) 6292 8028 Mob: +61 (417) 100 574

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