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SubjectRe: [TTY] 2 points seems strange to me.
On Fri, 18 Feb 2005, Paul Fulghum wrote:

> Paulo Marques wrote:
>> Paul Fulghum wrote:
>>> No, it limits the size to 80 bytes,
>>> which is the size of buf.
>>> sizeof returns the size of the char array buf[80]
>>> (standard C)
>> Looking at the code, I think Franck is right. buf is a "const unsigned char
>> *" for which sizeof(buf) is the size of a pointer.
> What kernel version are you looking at?
> I'm looking at 2.4.20 n_tty.c opost_block() and
> buf is a char array.
> --
> Paul Fulghum
> Microgate Systems, Ltd.

Ahaa! That's how the bug got introduced. It used to be an
array and then it got changed to a pointer! linux-2.4.26
also shows a local array.

Dick Johnson
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