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SubjectRe: [BK] upgrade will be needed
On Fri, February 18, 2005 11:27 am, Theodore Ts'o said:

> If you truly believe that BK would be able to add the value that it
> does to the kernel development process by using some other SCM as the
> master SCM, with BK being "underneath", as you proposed earlier, then
> you do not understand why BK is fundamentally better than the current
> open source SCM systems that are out there.

BK already feeds patches out at the head, surely if it's as powerful as
you think, it could feed a free SCM too for your non-bk friends in the

> And people *can* use the tools of their choice today. They can use
> CVS, and diff+patch, and suffer with all of the limitations that those
> tools have today. And for people who are doing stuff around the
> periphery, quilt is often really the best tool for them.

The situation could be improved for these other tools if there wasn't so
much BK zealotry from those that use it.

> If it's about the whole ***kernel*** development community, then it's
> pretty clear that the current system works quite well. All of the
> complaints have been coming primarily from SCM hackers, it seems, and
> not people who truly need the power of more powerful than downloading
> the bk snapshots, using the CVS export tree, and in the case where
> they need to look at the changes in a single changeset

There's no technical reason for this limitation.

> The "cost" of using BK seems to be primarily more theoretical, and
> ideological, than real. It's always seems to be about someone
> kvetching that they want to use SVN and get finely grained changsets
> through SVN, and they can't. But how often does that happen, and
> what's so painful of getting the finely grained changeset through
> Not very. So at the end of the day, it finally boils
> down to being all about ideology, doesn't it?

No. It's just that the cost isn't being paid by you, so you don't care.


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