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    SubjectRe: [darcs-users] Re: [BK] upgrade will be needed
    On Thu, February 17, 2005 9:24 pm, Tupshin Harper said:

    Hi Tupshin,

    > Speaking as somebody that uses Darcs evey day, my opinion is that the
    > future of OSS SCM will be something like arch or darcs but that neither
    > are ready for projects the size of the linux kernel yet. Darcs is
    > definitely way too slow for really large projects (though great for
    > small to medium sized ones). Last I checked, Arch was still too slow in
    > some areas, though that might have changed in recent months. Also, many
    > people, me included, find the usability of arch to be from ideal.
    > My hope and expectation is that Arch and Darcs will both improve their
    > performance, features, and usability and that in the not too distant
    > future both of them will be viable alternatives for large scale source
    > tree management.

    Falling into the same category probably is svk, although it's less mature
    than the options you cite.

    > The important thing for the health of the SCM ecosystem is that there be
    > ways to losslessly convert and interoperate between them as well as
    > between legacy/centralized systems such as CVS and SVN as well as with
    > BK.



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