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SubjectRe: [ACPI] Call for help: list of machines with working S3
On Wed, 16 Feb 2005 16:06:00 +0100, Carl-Daniel Hailfinger
<> wrote:
> Stefan Dösinger schrieb:
> >>The problems with this patch are:
> >>- you need to press a key to come back from the "resume-console" after
> >>resume. - DRI in X does not work (at least for me with intel-agp, others
> >>reportet it works)
> >>I just disabloed it by not loading intel-agp (hotplug-blacklist)
> >
> > You can force the radeon X driver to use pci mode by setting Option
> > "ForcePciMode" to "true" or something simmilar in you X config file. This way
> > you can get dri without intel-agp. This is much slower, but enought to play
> > tuxracer ;-)
> How do I enable DRI with my card to test that crash? I have the
> following in my XF86Config:
> Section "DRI"
> Group "video"
> Mode 0660
> EndSection
> but nothing else about DRI. So do I have to change something in
> my configuration?
you need to compile the right modules and load the agp-bridge's and
your gfx module.
> Oh, and could you please include run "lspci -vv" and include the
> part about VGA compatible controller in your mail? I have some
> hypothesis about the settings there having to do with resume.

I attached the full output because there are some more "AGP" there.
I just tried it again and it only crashed my X after resume with
intel-agp .. I was able to type still and start a new X but when I
tried to run a 3d-app it hard crashed and I had to reboot :(
I hope you have an idea.

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