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SubjectRe: [patch 12/13] ACL umask handling workaround in nfs client
lau den 22.01.2005 Klokka 21:34 (+0100) skreiv Andreas Gruenbacher:
> vanlig tekstdokument vedlegg (patches.suse)
> NFSv3 has no concept of a umask on the server side: The client applies
> the umask locally, and sends the effective permissions to the server.
> This behavior is wrong when files are created in a directory that has
> a default ACL. In this case, the umask is supposed to be ignored, and
> only the default ACL determines the file's effective permissions.
> Usually its the server's task to conditionally apply the umask. But
> since the server knows nothing about the umask, we have to do it on the
> client side. This patch tries to fetch the parent directory's default
> ACL before creating a new file, computes the appropriate create mode to
> send to the server, and finally sets the new file's access and default
> acl appropriately.

Firstly, this sort of code belongs in the NFSv3-specific code. POSIX
acls have no business whatsoever in the generic NFS code.

Secondly, what is the point of doing all this *after* you have created
the file with the wrong permissions? How are you avoiding races?


Trond Myklebust <>

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