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    SubjectRe: ide-scsi is deprecated for cd burning! Use ide-cd and give dev=/dev/hdX as device
    Hi Alan,

    On Feb 15 at 05:02:35, Alan Cox wrote:
    > > burning CDs. Just use the ide-cd driver (module) and
    > > specify the CD burner device as /dev/hdX.
    > This information is unfortunately *WRONG*. The base 2.6 ide-cd driver is
    > vastly inferior to ide-scsi. The ide-scsi layer knows about proper error
    > reporting, end of media and other things that ide-cd does not.
    > The -ac ide-cd knows some of the stuff that ide-cd needs to and works
    > with various drive/disk combinations the base code doesn't but ide-scsi
    > still handles CD's better.

    Is going to be merged soon to the mainline 2.6 kernel? I guess this
    bad error handling from ide-cd has something to do with recent messages
    about kernel hanging with bad dvd media.

    David Gómez Jabber ID:
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