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SubjectRe: [PATCH][mm] swsusp: limit image size
On Friday, 9 December 2005 16:48, Stefan Seyfried wrote:
> Rafael J. Wysocki wrote:
> > The following patch limits the size of the suspend image to approx. 500 MB,
> > which should improve the overall performance of swsusp on systems with
> > more than 1 GB of RAM.
> >
> > It introduces the constant IMAGE_SIZE that can be set to the preferred size
> > of the image (in MB) and modifies the memory-shrinking part of
> > swsusp to take this constant into account (500 is the default value
> > of IMAGE_SIZE).
> What happens if IMAGE_SIZE is bigger than free swap? Do we "try harder"
> or do we fail?

First, with swsusp the image can't be bigger than 1/2 of lowmem (1/2 of RAM
on x86-64) and the too great values of IMAGE_SIZE have no effect. Still, if
the amount of free swap is smaller than 1/2 of RAM and the image happens
to be bigger, we will fail.


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