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SubjectRe: How to enable/disable security features on mmap() ?
On 8 Dec 2005, Arjan van de Ven yowled:
>> Moreover, the libc location (and all other dynamic libs) is not
>> randomized under x86_64. I have no explanation for this. :-/
> see above; in addition prelink may be interfering with this.

Indeed; prelinked stuff is not randomized. If you want both, prelink
with -R gives the same benefits as ASLR of the shared library location,
pretty much (obviously the libraries have the same address in every
process --- that's kind of the point --- but what that address is is
randomly selected at prelink time).

Prelinking should not affect stack layout randomization.

`Don't confuse the shark with the remoras.' --- Rob Landley

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