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SubjectRe: Linux in a binary world... a doomsday scenario
On Tuesday 06 December 2005 16:27, Simon Oosthoek wrote:
> Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> > On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 18:26 +0000, Andrew Walrond wrote:
> >>On Monday 05 December 2005 10:52, Arjan van de Ven wrote:
> >>>a hypothetical doomsday scenario by Arjan van de Ven
> >>
> >>Can I ask what prompted your post?
> >
> > I got one too many hatemails from a "nvidia fanboy" who blamed me for
> > just about anything wrong in the world.... I fear that most of these
> > people have no idea why open source drivers matter, or at least what the
> > consequences are for not caring about drivers being open or not.
> I use nvidia cards, mostly because they work better than an alternative
> for now, but every time I need a card I look for stuff that is more
> open, because I hate to have to use the non-free closed stuff to do
> graphics. (Having no real choice in this is really annoying to me!)

The ATi Radeon 9200 works fine...
Developer, Utopios
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