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SubjectRe: Linux in a binary world... a doomsday scenario
I believe the only real thing to do is release all new kernels under a
new license called GPL_HARD - with a clause that would make all
linking to the kernel illegal if not in open source. Any vendor who
doesnt comply could be arrested and flown off to a detention camp on
some remote island without the right to legal council. We could borrow
some old planes from the US postal service..
These vendors could be interrogated until they reveil their
specifications for their hardware.
I vote for hard interrogation - if they wont tell they could be forced
to wear tux-outfits and listen to badly ripped mp3´s until they talk.
These vendors constitutes an axes of evil and are a real threat to the
security on a lot of machines.
To all vendors - you are either with us or against us!

Rudolf Randal - Hässleholmsgatan 3B lgh 503 - 214 43 Malmö - Sweden -
Phone: +46 (0)76 234 05 77
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