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    SubjectBroadcom 43xx first results

    I am a developer of the Broadcom-43xx driver project.
    (The 43xx chipset is used in a lot of chipsets, including
    the Apple Airport 2 card).

    I am writing this mail on my PowerBook and it is sent
    wireless to my AP.
    That means, we can transmit real data, if you did not get it, yet. :)

    That does _not_ mean, that it completely works, yet.
    The team is in the progress of writing a SoftwareMAC layer,
    which is needed for the bcm device. The SoftMAC is still very
    incomplete. So do not expect to do any fancy stuff like WPA
    or something line that with it.
    Please be patient, thanks. :)

    If you want to try the driver, a few steps have to be done manually,
    because the SoftMAC doesn't do them automatically, yet:

    insmod ieee80211softmac.ko
    insmod bcm430x.ko
    ifup ethX
    iwconfig ethX channel YOUR_AP_CHANNEL
    iwconfig ethX essid ESSID_OF_YOUR_AP
    In between you should pray from time to time.

    If it works without crashes, cool. :)
    If it crashes, well, fix it or send us a complete OOPS message
    including detailed information about the device. Most information
    about the device is printed on insmod. Including this information is
    _important_, because there are so many different devices around.

    Do _not_ expect to get any 802.11a based device working, yet. Only b/g
    devices should "work".

    BCM43xx driver:
    Required SoftMAC Layer:

    Have fun.

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