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SubjectRe: Linux 2.6.15-rc5: off-line for a week
Gene Heskett wrote:

>On Sunday 04 December 2005 01:03, Linus Torvalds wrote:
>>There's a rc5 out there now, largely because I'm going to be out of
>>email contact for the next week, and while I wish people were
>>religiously testing all the nightly snapshots, the fact is, you guys
>Ahh Linus, but sometimes we do! In any case, rc5 is missing this patch,
>the "v4l_ena_tda9887.patch" reproduced below:
>Index: linux/drivers/media/video/cx88/cx88-cards.c
>RCS file:
>retrieving revision 1.108
>diff -u -p -r1.108 cx88-cards.c
>--- linux/drivers/media/video/cx88/cx88-cards.c 25 Nov 2005 10:24:13
>-0000 1.108
>+++ linux/drivers/media/video/cx88/cx88-cards.c 1 Dec 2005 20:56:43
>@@ -569,6 +569,7 @@ struct cx88_board cx88_boards[] = {
> .radio_type = UNSET,
> .tuner_addr = ADDR_UNSET,
> .radio_addr = ADDR_UNSET,
>+ .tda9887_conf = TDA9887_PRESENT,
> .input = {{
> .vmux = 0,
>So my pcHDTV-3000 card is once again disabled.

Linus, Please DO NOT apply this as it is here... This same change above
had to also be applied to the FusionHDTV3 Gold-T ... I've already
applied the appropriate changes to cvs, and Mauro told me that he has
mailed the patches to Andrew, although I do not see them here yet on
LKML ....

I get the feeling you're not even close to releasing 2.6.15, so I'm sure
the bugfix that Gene is waiting for will make it over to your tree soon,
along with some other small v4l fixes that we had to make in order to
account for changes in -rc4.

Gene, in the meantime, you can fix your situation without changing any
code by simply issuing the following command:

modprobe tda9887

Ta - da! Magic!


Michael Krufky
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