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SubjectRe: system keeps freezing once every 24 hours / random apps crashing
Mark v Wolher wrote:
> Alistair John Strachan wrote:
>>On Saturday 31 December 2005 00:42, Mark v Wolher wrote:
>>>Alistair John Strachan wrote:
>>>>On Saturday 31 December 2005 00:20, Mark v Wolher wrote:
>>>>>>This is good news -- you stand a better chance of achieving the
>>>>>>stability you require by eliminating variables. VMWare and NVIDIA are
>>>>>>useful softwares, and I would not deny that, but they are closed source
>>>>>>and thus any conflicts resulting from their use are not necessary LKML
>>>>>>material (however, if the interaction is generic and is as a result of
>>>>>>a kernel bug, then the maintainer would very much like to hear it).
>>>>>Okay, i have something interesting now, i only had the nvidia module
>>>>>loaded so my x-configuration starts up as usual. (not saying the nvidia
>>>>>module is flawless, i'm sure it still contains bugs)
>>>>>But here is the crash info, this time it was mozilla, i think this
>>>>>speaks more hehe :
>>>>>Dec 31 00:55:28 localhost kernel: mm/memory.c:106: bad pgd 061f0c08.
>>>>>Dec 31 00:55:28 localhost kernel: mm/memory.c:106: bad pgd 06b96000.
>>>>>Dec 31 00:55:28 localhost kernel: mm/memory.c:106: bad pgd 18000bf8.
>>>>>Dec 31 00:55:28 localhost kernel: ------------[ cut here ]------------
>>>>>Dec 31 00:55:28 localhost kernel: kernel BUG at mm/mmap.c:2214!
>>>>>Dec 31 00:55:28 localhost kernel: invalid operand: 0000 [#1]
>>>>>Dec 31 00:55:28 localhost kernel: SMP
>>>>>Dec 31 00:55:28 localhost kernel: Modules linked in: nvidia
>>>>Steady and sure progress. Now, the trace below doesn't explicitly mention
>>>>any nvidia symbols, but this line must disappear before anybody will
>>>>bother to read your report.
>>>>Remove the module. This does not mean unload, this means "never load in
>>>>the first place". Then reproduce the problem. If you are successful, send
>>>>a new email (not pinned to this thread) with a subject a la "kernel BUG
>>>>at mm/mmap.c:2214". State that the kernel is not tainted.
>>>>At this point all you can do is wait. Good luck!
>>>Well, i guess i'll have to do that to be sure. But i must say that i did
>>>try the nv module and de-installed the nvidia binary module. It didn't
>>>matter, the system froze but didn't leave anything in the logs, this
>>>time it did. Doesn't that help at all ?
>>>I'll try again, put nv up and wait for a something to happen. If some
>>>one has in the meantime more advise or maybe even could check out of
>>>curiousity why it says kernel BUG i'd appreciate it ofcourse.
>>Probably upwards of 95% of BUGs in mm/ are due to defective memory in the
>>system running the kernel. However, since you claim to have run other OSes
>>successfully on this configuration, I did not suggest it.
>>However, I would highly recommend running memtest86 at least twice on the
>>machine if you cannot track down the source of the problem.
>>It is always worth eliminating hardware.
> Indeed, i'm going soon to get some sleep but leave memtest86 running for
> the night and when i wake up then i'll see if something is reported.
> It's 2x256 pc2100 ECC memory. I also expect next week monday or tuesday
> new memory, which i can use to replace this memory and exclude that
> eitherway.
> Thanks !

g'morning !

the memtest86 went 40 times over the memory, no errors detected.

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