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SubjectRe: system keeps freezing once every 24 hours / random apps crashing
Sami Farin wrote:
> On Sat, Dec 31, 2005 at 05:48:41PM +0100, Mark v Wolher wrote:
>>Sami Farin wrote:
> ...
>>>Can you try how many seconds it takes to get Oops/crash when you start
>>>pressing 'v' in xawtv (video capture on/off).
>>>For me, not very many.
>>>This happens with every 2.6 kernel. And my hardware is OK.
> ...
>>Hi Sami,
>>That caused also a crash, i kept pressing the v key and within 15
>>seconds it crashed, then i saw the crash-info appear in the log and when
>>i clicked on mozilla then it crashed too but without crahs info and
>>system froze totally.
> Now if someone could figure out how to find the bug in bttv.
> My opinion/guess is that's where the bug is, not in buggy PCI hardware,
> as somebody said several months ago.

I agree, i filled a report also on bugzilla. Also i have to mention that
when using xp pro no crashes/freezes occur, not even under heavy load
and tv on.

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