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SubjectRe: recommended mail clients [was] [PATCH] ati-agp suspend/resume support (try 2)
On Mon, 26 Dec 2005 10:55:33 +0200, Jaco Kroon <> wrote:

> Right, which clients is recommended for this type of work - mozilla is
> just not doing it for me any more. I've heard some decent things about
> mutt, any other recomendations?

Mutt requires a terminal, which is not always convenient (e.g. the
copy-paste is not possible short of saving to a file, panels are infested
by similar icons). It is the ultimate text-mode client though.

I picked the Sylpheed from DaveM. It is unusually customizeable, for
a GUI client. It can corrupt patches if they have non-ASCII characters,
but that's something unavoidable, until the world switches to UTF-8
at least. Other than that, it has no discernable vices regarding
the whitespace mangling or line wrapping.

-- Pete
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